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MARGO INTERNATIONAL is about discovering success in every area of your life. Helping you grow in your personal life, professional career and business dreams. From leading life and business coach Margo Bush comes a guide to success. How to use the proper tools and the proper education to create increase and live the life you always wanted. For women who want a successful and inspiring business Dr. Margo offers business coaching for small businesses, companies and churches that deliver results.

Margo Bush Success Expert Margo International

More than 30 years of personal counseling, small business coaching, and corporate consulting experience.

Don't Do Business Alone Margo International

Don't Do Business Alone

One Day Event for Churches and Small Businesses

For more than twenty years I was a pastors wife. I have been in the ministry for even much longer. I started by first business when I was nineteen and have always been a part of growing churches or businesses.

Here is what I have figured out. The way we have been taught to do business in this country, whether it is church business or running a small business, since modern day business began, is mathematically flawed. Take for instance a business plan, whether you write one down or not; we all work off of a plan. Even if we don’t, we are creatures of habit and learn through observation. DON’T DO BUSINESS ALONE ONE DAY EVENTS is about bringing the proper tools and the proper education to church leaders, small business owners and the gracious businessmen and women that support our churches faithfully. It’s time to encourage them. Click below for more about this one day event.

Grow your church or business with our results-centered strategies.

“I love to be motivated, but motivation alone won’t get the bills paid.” - Margo Bush

Dream Big, Live Big!

Many good, gracious and giving people have asked me, “When am I going to get a break? When am I going to see more in my life? I am a good person and I try to help others, give regularly to my church and work hard.” My heart goes out to them because there were many times I felt this way.

Could it be that we are waiting too much on ‘a break’ or some sort of miracle to give us that step up? Or could it be that we are missing some principles of success that we have never learned or been taught? That was me. I was just never taught. I came from a great family. My parents loved all of us, and my father provided a good living, but as I grew older I realized my dreams were larger than what I could financially produce.

Dream Big, Live Big is about learning how to begin decorating some of those rooms in your life by changing the way you think about success, business and financial increase. I would like for you to understand something that took me several years to realize. Becoming successful and learning how to create increase is very simple and anyone can learn what it means....Living Your Dream!

Live Big Dream Big Book By Margo Bush


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“I believe the way we have been taught to do modern day business in this country is mathematically flawed and we are doing something about it.” - Margo Bush

What People are Saying

Lisa Cooper Ellse Pasticceria Margo International
Carrol Ann Ray Not Too Shabby Margo International
Jeffery Hopper Thief In The House Margo International

"As a business owner with four children, I need a coach who acknowledges me as a whole person—not as a business woman alone. I have found more than what I hoped for in Margo. As an intuitive coach, she helps me develop both business strategies and life strategies that work seamlessly together. She provides just the right amount of information, support and encouragement as I work through the many obstacles that come from running a business and a home. With Margo’s help, I am enjoying true success—I run a profitable business that serves clients around the country, and I am able to be the mom my children need!"

-Lisa Cooper, CEO, Ellse Pasticceria

"Margo has an incredible entrepreneurial spirit and business insight, making her great for any team. I have witnessed her skills on every level, from incredible marketing, Publisher, Author, Life Coach, Business Coach, CEO, COO, multiple business owner, and International Speaker. Her leadership expert skills, insight, and wisdom can propel you into success and wealth. I have seen Margo help you and your business reach your purpose, vision and goals. Investing in Margo is investing in your future!"

- Carrol Ann Ray, Owner of Not Too Shabby

"Imagine a journey along a path full of pits and traps, alone and in the dark, when a guide comes along side you to see you through the other side. Safely and successfully navigating a treacherous path you come to a realization of a dream come true. Margo Bush has been that personal and professional guide. I personally have tried to navigate this path alone, and had lost hope of ever seeing my dream come true until I met Margo and the dream become a reality. I’m not a congressman or famous actor but Margo took me on like I was her next big star."

- Jeffery Hopper, Author of Thief In The House, Book-to-Film

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