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Tap into Margo's +15 years of experience of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing books

Publishing, branding and promoting first time and seasoned authors is my expertise. I've been helping authors and publishers successfully write, edit, publish and market their books for nearly two decades. I thrive on cleverly and consistently attracting media attention by offering a fresh approach to publishing and marketing books.

Preparing books for publication is just the first step to a successful book. My goal is to provide authors and publishers with the highest quality of service from the idea phase to final book launch.

I know that a great book also rest on a good marketing strategy which is a large part of the over all success of any book. I recognize the immediate need to provide exposure once your book is ready for market. A well-produced book is just the beginning of an author’s amazing journey in finding an audience of readers. I can target story ideas to producers, reporters, editors, writers, associated press, news directors and national media in interesting, informative, intelligent and imaginative ways.

I work one on one with authors to develop a marketing strategy that will expose your new release to a wide audience with positive energy and dedication. Publishing books, promoting people and producing projects is my personal passion.

If you are an author then the question is not whether you become a best seller or not. The question is, “Why haven’t you already written your book?”

I have been a publisher for more than a decade. I have written, re-written, edited designed, coached and consulted hundreds of writers, authors, speakers, pastors, and business owners seeking publishing. We know how important your work is to you.

- Margo Bush


Author Coaching

How to Write and Publish Your Next Book

Today, 82% of adults dream of writing a book to express a heart-felt concern, to earn a living, or even to become a successful author.

What's stopping you? We are here to help.


  • How to Plan
  • What to Write
  • Finding Passion
  • Expert Attention
  • Finding Your Audience

Writing Your Book

  • Book Structure
  • The Process
  • Schedule Writing
  • Overcoming Writer's Block
  • Editing Process
  • What to Write


  • Productivity
  • Processes
  • Organizing Material
  • Trim it Down


  • Be Publishable
  • Choosing the Process
  • 3 Types of Publishing
  • Best Sellers List
  • #1 New York Times List
  • Distribution

Marketing Your Book

  • Plan and Prepare
  • Title is Everything
  • Be Profitable
  • What Do They Want
  • Start Strong
  • Social Media

Book Proposal

  • Publicist
  • Literary Agents
  • Product Development

Silver Publishing Coaching Package

Package Pricing: $2495

  • Publishing (100 or less pages)
  • Publishing Contract (based on book proposal)
  • Light Edit
  • Proofreading Services
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Custom Layout (15 pictures/additional $5ea)
  • Back Matter (write-up)
  • Copyright Filing
  • ISBN
  • Distribution
  • 10 FREE Copies

Elite Publishing Coaching Package

Package Pricing: $4995

  • Publishing (200 or less finished pages)
  • Publishing Contract (based on book proposal)
  • Medium to Light Edit
  • Proofreading Services
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Custom Layout
  • Ebook Design
  • Back Matter (write-up)
  • Copyright Filing
  • ISBN
  • Complete Marketing Package (below)
  • 50 FREE Copies

Book Marketing Coaching Package

Package Pricing: Contact Us

  • Customized Marketing Campaign
  • Book Distribution
  • Facebook and Twitter Campaigns
  • Official Launch Date
  • Press Release to Media
  • Video Book Trailer Design
  • 6 Months FREE Author Coaching
  • Annual Publishing Report (digital)

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