Don't Do Business Alone for Churches

A one-day workshop in your church or city for small businesses or church ministries

This one day workshop is designed to empower your church and congregation to thrive.

After years of pastoring, serving people, and growing businesses, it is our vision to help churches and businesses succeed.

Don't Do Business Alone Margo International

Margo Bush: Doctor of Theology, Church Counselor, & Business Coach

Hi, I’m Margo Bush. I am the author of Dream Big, Live Big and CEO of Margo International, a professional women’s coaching and consulting firm, a subsidiary of International Business Development Group. In my book I share the challenges of starting over in my 40s and learning to build a business after the sudden death of my husband.

Since 2010, I have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the leading business minds in the country. While on this new personal journey I obtained my Doctorate with a minor in business entrepreneurship and the necessary credentials to help grow businesses, coach professionals, and lead entrepreneurs.

And now I'd love to help you and your congregation.

A One Day Workshop to Bring Back Faith-Based Principals

The Don't Do Business Alone one day workshop is about putting God first place in your business and the faith-based principles that get results and lead to success. Each workshop is designed to empower, encourage, and educate leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs how to create growth. When small businesses prosper and succeed, churches grow. Many small business owners, churches, and organizations are struggling unnecessarily. There is a solution. As a specialist in helping businesses, we provide practical principles for sustainable growth; while keeping God first.

Margo Bush Don't Do Business Alone

"By helping business leaders, we're helping churches."

- Margo Bush

Change Your Business, Change Your Life

A power packed 1-DAY OF EMPOWERMENT designed to meet the most important factors driving the growth and success of your organization. Ready to equip your organization with the tools of success? Click below to get in touch with us.

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