Don't Do Business Alone for Empowering Women

A one-day workshop to get your small business started or thriving!

This one day workshop is designed to help YOU to meet YOUR GOALS and YOUR DREAMS.

This is small business coaching that truly cares about your success as a woman, as a leader, as a survivor.
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Women own 10.6 million firms, nearly half of all privately held small businesses.
Women employ more than 19 million people and are growing their businesses at twice the national rate.
Women generate over $2.5 TRILLION in annual sales.

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Women of Faith
Women of Wealth
Women of Courage

There are women throughout history who have inspired our faith, done extraordinary things and encouraged us in the face of tragedy. They have saved  lives, created new moments, become entrepreneurs and inspired us all to put our dreams to the test and live with purpose.

Mother Teresa is one of those women who has inspire us to do more and dream big. Her lifelong commitment to the comfort of humanity challenges us all to do more. “Our deepest fears should not be that we are inadequate. Our deepest regrets should be that we go to our graves not doing what we were put on this earth to do,” –Mother Theresa.

Who am I to write a bestselling book, build a successful business, invent the next medical breakthrough, build a college or run for Mayor. Actually, who are you to not?

Don't limit yourself. You can go as far as your mind lets you.

- Mary Kay Ash

Inner Strength, Inner Faith

When I was in my forties, while in the middle of a great career my past, present and future changed in a matter of moment when the chaplain said, “your husband is dead.” Reality sets in very soon when the funeral’s over and everyone goes home. What was my purpose now? Was it the same? Was it different? Worst of all the voice of fear taunted me that I would be living under a bridge with a teenager unable to provide for the family.

Seven years later the dream of running my own business to helping women entrepreneurs succeed, has turned into reality. Our company has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs from new start-ups to seven figure organizations on growth and success. We’ve help to establish and development a Christian University, and assisted more than 100 authors get published. The years following my husband's death looked very dissimilar. At some point in life’s journey there will be 3 things that try to steal your dreams.

Disappointments, Failures, Fear

Margo Bush Don't Do Business Alone
Pattie Mallette (Biebers mom) & Margo_TWD Interview

“I love to be motivated, but motivation alone won’t get the bills paid.”

- Margo Bush


Learn it All:
Growth, Analysis, Funding, Planning, Marketing, Financials, and more

Today, more than half of the new businesses in the United States are started by women, and these businesses have higher success rates than those started by men. You can do it and we can help you get there.

We believe in getting results. I love motivational seminars but motivational alone will not pay the bills. Whether you are a For Profit or Not-For-Profit organization we believe that having proper education and proper tools equals success. Having solutions that can take you from where you are, to where you want to be is priceless. Our coaching focus is, results. We would love to help you grow your business.

"I believe the way that we have been taught to do modern business is mathematically flawed and we are doing something about it."

- Margo Bush

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What People Are Saying: Carolann Ray of Not-to-Shabby

“I have witnessed first hand an incredible passion, entrepreneurial spirit and business insight in Margo, making her great for the success of any team. Her skills on every level, from marketing, Life Coach, Business Coach, CEO, COO, multiple business owner, and International Speaker. As a leadership expert her skills, insight, and wisdom can propel you into success and wealth. She can and will help you and your business reach your purpose, vision and goals. Investing in Margo is investing in your future!”

– Carolann Ray, Owner

Change Your Business, Change Your Life

A power packed 1-DAY OF EMPOWERMENT designed to meet the most important factors driving the growth and success of your organization. Subjects deal with: marketing, management, operations, product development, sales, revenue goals and increased profits.

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